The SCMAA currently has several active county chapters throughout the state. Members who do not reside in a county with an active chapter may join a nearby county chapter, or join the state Alliance as a member-at-large and pay only state dues. 

What do you get for your membership?

At the local level, each county chapter has its own leadership, dues, and meeting schedule. While many counties participate in SCMAA-sponsored initiatives, they often carry out their own flagship programming as well. 

Alliance members find value in both the SCMAA and their local county chapter. SCMAA provides valuable support and resources, access to legislators and SCMA leadership, and sponsors statewide conferences that offer opportunities for leadership development, networking, and more. County chapters are an immediate source of connection, friendship, and support within your community.

Our membership year runs May through April. Meetings include the Fall Conference and an Annual Meeting and Installation during the spring. Newsletter communications are also sent twice each year.  

Explore the active Alliance chapters in the list on the right, and contact us if you have information you would like added to your county page or if you are interested in launching a new chapter in your area.

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Membership Levels 

A Regular Member is any spouse, divorced spouse, widow or widower of a physician in good standing who is eligible for membership in the SCMA (or was a member in good standing of another state’s medical association before retirement or death), provided that the person has not remarried outside of the medical profession.  (Dues are $35 per year)

A Resident Physician Spouse is the spouse of any intern, resident or fellow in a training program approved by the SCMA. (Dues are $1 per year)

A Medical Student Spouse is the spouse of any student enrolled in a medical school approved by the SCMA. (Dues are $1 per year)

A Life Member is any State president who has completed his/her term of office. Life member dues are sponsored in full by the SCMAA and it is unnecessary to complete a membership form.

An Honorary Member is any regular member upon whom honorary membership was conferred at the Annual Meeting. Honorary Member dues are sponsored in full by the SCMAA and it is unnecessary to complete a membership form.


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