Legislative Initiatives

Some of the SCMA’s 2022 Legislative Initiatives:

Scope of Practice

The SCMA supports an approach to healthcare that encourages better teamwork, less fragmentation, and higher quality to promote physician-led delivery of care.

Physician Burnout

The SCMA has requested ARPA funds to provide free, confidential, easy-to-access mental health services to SC licensed physicians, medical residents, and medical students in SC programs to address burnout, stress, and the trauma of responding to the COVID pandemic.

Repeal of Certificate of Need (CON)

The SCMA supports full repeal of Certificate of Need as an antiquated regulatory requirement that limits patient access to services and increases the cost of care.

Flexibility to Provide Patient Care

The SCMA supports initiatives to remove impediments that serve as barriers to patients’ right to choose their provider.

Insurance Reform

The SCMA supports efforts that will standardize and reform the prior authorization process.

House of Delegates 

The SCMA always places priority on HOD Resolutions and continually monitors critical issues affecting the practice of medicine.