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Regardless of your employment setting, the SCMA fights to protect the independence and autonomy of all physicians and their ability to practice medicine. SCMedPAC is the single largest political voice representing South Carolina physicians and the patients they serve. Your donations are one of the most powerful ways to support physician-friendly candidates.

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Scope of Practice Legislative Update

Healthcare Market Reform Study Committee (S.855)

A Joint Resolution (S.855) is currently pending in the Senate that, if passed, would form the Healthcare Market Reform Study Committee.  This Committee would study, among other things, ‘establishing expanded roles for medical providers through increased scopes of practice acts.’

  • Why it matters: It is important for physicians to immediately contact members of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee and future members of the Healthcare Market Reform Study Committee so that as they begin to study this issue, the importance of maintaining physician-led care in South Carolina is abundantly clear.

  • Physicians are uniquely qualified to discuss evidence-supported data regarding physician-led care.

Access additional Scope of Practice evidence-based tools and resources through the American Medical Association.

Email key legislators with a personalized message.

In-person or telephone communication are the most effective methods of communicating with legislators. However, if you feel most comfortable contacting legislators by email, PERSONAL MESSAGES WITH EXAMPLES FROM YOUR PRACTICE ARE PREFERED but you may consider something like this template that we have constructed.

Healthcare Market Reform Physician Email Template

Key Legislators Contact Information

We have assembled a complete list of the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of all members of the Senate Medical Affairs Committee. A physician's personal messages to these legislators will provide expert, respected insights from which the committee members can weight decisions.

Senate Medical Affairs Committee