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Do you want to get involved as a leader with the South Carolina Medical Association? The South Carolina Medical Association, governed by the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates, has numerous opportunities for physicians, residents, and medical students to become leaders. Whether a Delegate to the House of Delegates, a committee member, on the Board of Trustees, representing a particular section of the SCMA, among much more, the opportunities are limitless for physicians to become advocates for organized medicine.


The South Carolina Medical Association, governed by the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates, has numerous opportunities for physicians to become leaders. The opportunities are limitless for physicians to become advocates for organized medicine.

Executive Officers

The South Carolina Medical Association Executive Committee is composed of 10 members, in charge of the group's operational divisions. The Executive Committee is lead by Dr. Alexander W. Ramsay of Charleston.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees carries out the policies of the House of Delegates and sets other policies as necessary and has authority over all consolidated organizations of the South Carolina Medical Association. The Board of Trustees is comprised of officers and districts with corresponding trustees.

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AMA Delegation

The interests of South Carolina physicians are represented on a national level through the South Carolina Delegation to the American Medical Association. The South Carolina Delegation is responsible for bringing forth the issues that matter most to our state’s medical community to the AMA House of Delegates.

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Young Physicians Section

The Young Physicians section consists of SCMA members who are under the age of 40 or who are in their first 8 years of practicing medicine. The beginning of your medical career can sometimes be the most challenging years.

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Residents Section

The resident section comprises of South Carolina residents and fellows that are members of the South Carolina Medical Association. This organization strives to provide a forum within organized medicine for the exchange of information among residents and fellows in South Carolina, and to represent the best interest of residents and fellows within the SCMA.

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Medical Student Section

The Medical Student Section includes medical students from all four of the state’s medical schools. The goal of the Medical Student Section is to provide our state's medical students with an opportunity to get involved in organized medicine. In addition, the SCMA strives to provide resources to help enhance each medical student's educational years.

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The South Carolina Medical Association has several committees that operate under the leadership of the SCMA Board of Trustees and SCMA staff. Each committee is committed to helping carry out the goals of the South Carolina Medical Association and all share one common goal-- to enhance the practice of medicine in South Carolina. The SCMA constantly seeks out the wide-range of member talents and expertise for committee opportunities and encourages any physician who is interested in getting involved to contact us.

Childhood Obesity Taskforce

The SCMA Childhood Obesity Taskforce consists of numerous community and healthcare leaders all committed to stopping childhood obesity in South Carolina dead in its tracks. Projects that have developed from the Taskforce thus far include; A Toolkit for South Carolina pediatricians and family medicine practitioners, Prescription for Parks, multiple educational sessions, implementation of obesity coding through Medicaid, and partnerships with DHEC to eliminate obesity in more rural areas.

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Bioethics Committee

The SCMA Bioethics Committee consists of physicians and other interested leaders who uphold the Principles of Medical Ethics as they survey health care issues that affect the state of South Carolina. The Bioethics Committee has been largely invested in End of Life Care Issues as well as a host of other issues. Each year, the Bioethics Committee hosts an Annual Retreat in addition to a symposium session at the SCMA’s Annual Meeting.

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Coalition of the Care for the Seriously Ill

This statewide coalition brings key organizations, clinicians, and healthcare entities together to collaboratively redesign care, improve quality of life, and protect the ethical rights of the seriously, chronically, or terminally ill in South Carolina. The coalition is committed to improving the shared decision-making for this population by implementing strategies which help patients understand the typical trajectory of their condition and take an active role in their treatment, including decisions about their care.

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Founded in 1975, the SCMA Foundation is a not-for-profit affiliate of the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA). The Foundation's purpose is to encourage worthwhile social and professional activities in the fields of medical education, medical research, and the delivery of medical services. To that end, the Foundation has been actively involved in instituting and providing financial support for important medical and health-related programs and has developed a system for raising and distributing funds for these programs. In over 20 years of service to South Carolina, the SCMA Foundation has touched the lives of hundreds of medical students, physicians, and their families, and members of the community.

How Can You Help? Most of the SCMA Foundation's financial backing comes from the generous donations of our members. You can contribute to the SCMA Foundation in several ways.

Individuals. Memorial/Honorary Contributions: You may establish or contribute to an already established fund such as the SCMA Foundation general scholarship fund in memory or honor of someone.

Private Foundations. Grants: the SCMA Foundation solicits and welcomes grants that may be used to fund the types of services and programs previously described.

SCMA Members. Annual Billing: You can easily make an affordable contribution to the SCMA Foundation by checking the $25 donation to the SCMA Foundation on your annual dues billing from SCMA.

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The South Carolina Medical Association Alliance was formed to educate, advocate and provide charitable support for the family of medicine and to partner with the SCMA to improve the health and quality of life for citizens of South Carolina.

The Alliance endeavors to support the family of medicine, promote health education and encourage participation in health related projects, promotes legislative awareness, provides resources to county alliances, as well as communicates the mission and goals of both the SCMA and SCMAA to its members.

Get Involved

We invite any spouse of a South Carolina physician to get involved with the SCMA Alliance. To get involved today, contact Cathy Boland at 1-800-327-1021

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