The South Carolina Medical Association, governed by the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates, has numerous opportunities for physicians to become leaders. The opportunities are limitless for physicians to become advocates for organized medicine.

SCMA Executive Officers


  • March E. Seabrook, MD - Lexington

  • Todd Schlesinger, MD - Charleston

  • John Ropp, MD - Hartsville
    Chairman of the Board

  • Robert R. Morgan, MD - Greenville
    Vice Chairman of the Board

  • Richard Osman, MD - Myrtle Beach
    Immediate Past President

  • Michael T. Finch, MD - Columbia

  • Christopher Yeakel, MD - Columbia

  • M. Mayes DuBose, MD - Sumter
    Executive Committee Member-At-Large

  • Helen Stockinger, MD - Spartanburg
    Speaker of the House

  • Stefanie M. Putnam, MD - Greenville
    Vice Speaker of the House

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees carries out the policies of the House of Delegates and sets other policies as necessary and has authority over all consolidated organizations of the South Carolina Medical Association. The Board of Trustees is comprised of officers and districts with corresponding trustees.


  • Amanda Sloan Davis, MD
    Trustee, First District

  • Robert R. Morgan, MD
    Trustee, Second District

  • Henry F. Butehorn, III, MD
    Trustee, Third District

  • James D. Welsh, MD
    Trustee, Fourth District

  • John C. Ropp, MD
    Trustee, Fifth District

  • Gary A. Vukov, MD
    Trustee, Sixth District

  • Gregory Tarasidis, MD
    Trustee, Seventh District

  • Dean A. Page, MD
    Trustee, Eighth District

  • Wesley Frierson, MD
    Trustee, Ninth District

  • M. Mayes DuBose, MD
    Trustee, Tenth District

  • Gerald F. Congdon, MD
    Trustee, Eleventh District

  • Gary A. Delaney, MD
    Trustee, Twelfth District

  • James J. McCoy, MD
    Trustee, Thirteenth District

  • Robert T. Ball, Jr., MD
    Trustee, Fourteenth District

  • Jeffrey P. Cashman, DO
    Trustee, Young Physicians Section

  • Katie McQueen, MD
    Trustee, Resident & Fellow Section

AMA Delegation

The interests of South Carolina physicians are represented on a national level through the South Carolina Delegation to the American Medical Association. The South Carolina Delegation is responsible for bringing forth the issues that matter most to our state’s medical community to the AMA House of Delegates.


  • Gregory Tarasidis, MD
    Chair & Delegate

  • Gary A. Delaney, MD
    Vice Chair & Delegate

  • Richard C. Osman, MD

  • H. Timberlake Pearce, Jr., MD

  • Bruce A. Snyder, MD

  • Stephen A. Imbeau, MD
    Alternate Delegate

  • Stefanie M. Putnam, MD
    Alternate Delegate

  • Alexander Ramsay, MD
    Alternate Delegate

  • Todd E. Schlesinger, MD
    Alternate Delegate

Young Physicians Section

The Young Physicians section consists of SCMA members who are under the age of 40 or who are in their first 8 years of practicing medicine. The beginning of your medical career can sometimes be the most challenging years.



Laurie Theirot Roley, MD  - Chair, AMA Delegate

Tanya T. Tang, DO - Chair-elect

James L. Wells, MD - Secretary/Treasurer, AMA Delegate

Frank A. Clark, MD - Member at Large

Stefanie M. Putnam, MD - AMA Delegate

Jeffrey P. Cashman, DO - BoT Rep, AMA Delegate

Residents Section

The resident section is comprised of South Carolina residents and fellows that are members of the South Carolina Medical Association. This organization strives to provide a forum within organized medicine for the exchange of information among residents and fellows in South Carolina, and to represent the best interest of residents and fellows within the SCMA.



Stephanie Lee, MD - Board of Trustees Representative

Ebele Compean, MD - Chair

Katie McQueen, MD - Immediate Past Chair

Shauna Hemingway, MD - SCMA RFS Member-At-Large

Medical Student Section

The Medical Student Section includes medical students from all four of the state’s medical schools. The goal of the Medical Student Section is to provide our state's medical students with an opportunity to get involved in organized medicine. In addition, the SCMA strives to provide resources to help enhance each medical student's educational years.



Taylor Lucas, USC Greenville - Chair

Dory Askins, USC Greenville - Vice-Chair

Kenneth Garland, VCOM - Member-At-Large

Harry Rockower, MUSC - Board Representative

Allison Lukacic, VCOM - SCMedPAC Representative

Miles Scott, VCOM - LEAD Program

Irraj Iftkhar, USC Greenville - Communications 


Chapter Representatives:

Hallie Hahn - MUSC

Myers Heritage - USC Columbia

Nora Rader - USC Greenville

Mark Jones - VCOM