SCMA House of Delegates

The SCMA’s House of Delegates (HOD) meets each year at the annual meeting and gives physician members from across the state an opportunity to gather as a professional group to present and debate policies that affect the practice of medicine and the delivery of patient care in South Carolina. All SCMA policy comes from the HOD. 

Board of Trustees

The South Carolina Medical Association, governed by the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates, has numerous opportunities for physicians to become leaders. The opportunities are limitless for physicians to become advocates for organized medicine.

Executive Committee

Michael T. Finch, Jr., MD Photo

Michael T. Finch, Jr., MD


Macdonald M. DuBose, MD Photo

Macdonald M. DuBose, MD


Trustee, Tenth District
John C. Ropp III, MD Photo

John C. Ropp III, MD


Todd E. Schlesinger, MD, FAAD Photo

Todd E. Schlesinger, MD, FAAD

Immediate Past President

Henry F. Butehorn, MD Photo

Henry F. Butehorn, MD


Trustee, Third District
Robert R. Morgan Jr, MD, MBA Photo

Robert R. Morgan Jr, MD, MBA


Christopher A. Yeakel, MD Photo

Christopher A. Yeakel, MD


Wesley Frierson, MD Photo

Wesley Frierson, MD

Executive Committee Member-at-Large

Trustee, Ninth District


Helen Stockinger, MD Photo
Helen Stockinger, MD Speaker of the House
Jeffrey P. Cashman, DO Photo
Jeffrey P. Cashman, DO Vice Speaker of the House
Amanda S. Davis, MD Photo
Amanda S. Davis, MD Trustee, First District
Stafanie Putnam, MD Photo
Stafanie Putnam, MD Trustee, Second District, AMA Alternate Delegate
Asutosh Gor, MD Photo
Asutosh Gor, MD Trustee, Fourth District
Joseph D. Hoyle, MD Photo
Joseph D. Hoyle, MD Trustee, Fifth District
Gary A. Vukov, MD Photo
Gary A. Vukov, MD Trustee, Sixth District
Gregory Tarasidis, MD Photo
Gregory Tarasidis, MD Trustee, Seventh District, AMA Delegate-Chairman
Dean A. Page, MD Photo
Dean A. Page, MD Trustee, Eighth District
Gerald Congdon, MD Photo
Gerald Congdon, MD Trustee, Eleventh District
Gary A. Delaney, MD Photo
Gary A. Delaney, MD Trustee, Twelfth District, AMA Delegate
James J. McCoy, MD Photo
James J. McCoy, MD Trustee, Thirteenth District
Forrest C. Ham, MD Photo
Forrest C. Ham, MD Trustee, Fourteenth District
Vipin Verma, MD Photo
Vipin Verma, MD Young Physicians Section
Elizabeth Helwig, MD Photo
Elizabeth Helwig, MD Resident & Fellow Section
Dorothy Askins Photo
Dorothy Askins Medical Student Section and Clerk
Richard C. Osman, MD Photo
Richard C. Osman, MD AMA Delegate
Bruce A. Snyder, MD Photo
Bruce A. Snyder, MD AMA Delegate
H. Timberlake Pearce Jr, MD Photo
H. Timberlake Pearce Jr, MD AMA Delegate
Stephen A. Imbeau, MD Photo
Stephen A. Imbeau, MD AMA Alternate Delegate
Alexander Ramsay, MD Photo
Alexander Ramsay, MD AMA Alternate Delegate