Health Insurance (MIT)

SCMA membership provides access to the Members’ Insurance Trust (MIT).

As the state’s only MEWA Trust, MIT provides health insurance and other embedded benefits for SCMA members only.  MIT, which has served members of the SCMA for nearly 40 years, is a self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement with over 5,000 covered lives and 200+ participating employers. Our health and dental plans offer coverage options to employers both large and small across the State of South Carolina.

  • Offer 16 Medical Plans and 1 Dental Plan Option ranging from richer health plans to those with higher deductible HSA qualified options
  • The Trust is managed by your peers; NOT a big insurance company
  • Direct line of communication with the MIT Board of Trustees via MIT Advisory Council
  • Employers can decrease their premiums by joining together with similar employers to create a larger experience pool & greater opportunity for rate stabilization 
  • Decreased administrative expenses for self-funded plan management.
  • Education on wellness and other health initiatives for employers and employees.
  • Access to claims data and analysis on how to reduce costs while still receiving high-quality service.
  • Streamlined business processes with an online portal for billing and enrollment.
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance.

Please visit the MIT website for more information.