Doctor of the Day

Volunteer for the SCMA's Doctor of the Day Program at the South Carolina State House

The SCMA encourages its members to serve as a ‘SCMA Doctor of the Day’ program volunteer during the South Carolina legislative session, which generally runs each year from January through the first of May.  The Doctor of the Day opportunity affords physicians a unique occasion to influence the landscape of the political debate at the State House.  While providing care to the lawmakers of the General Assembly, the Doctor of the Day gains insight into the actual procedures and personalities that shape the laws of our state.  It also lets Senators and Representatives get to know physicians outside of testifying and meeting with them on bills. 

As SCMA’s Doctor of the Day, you will:

  • Be introduced in the House and Senate chambers by your state representative and senator
  • Have a reserved parking place
  • Be assisted by a nurse
    • Jackie Molchan, RN
  • Be protected by state law while volunteering your services.
  • Each hour of your volunteer medical services may account for one hour of continuing education, for up to a maximum of twenty-five percent of your continuing education credits for the licensure period.
  • Outside of COVID-19 restrictions, sometimes volunteers are able to meet the Governor, tour parts of the Statehouse, or meet with a Senator or House member on an issue. 

SCMA Doctor of the Day volunteers:

  • Arrive at the State House 30 minutes early from the start times: 
    • Tuesdays 12pm - 4pm
    • Wednesdays 10am - 4pm
    • Thursdays 10am - 4 pm
  • Sometimes the days will end earlier than 4pm, but you should plan that you may be needed until 4pm on any of the days.
  • Go to the Doctor's office on the third floor of the Statehouse. 
  • Bring a prescription pad if you can, but there is a prescription pad available at the Statehouse. 

The SCMA Doctor of the Day program is a non-political service. Physicians do not serve as lobbyists when they serve as a SCMA Doctor of the Day volunteer.  If you are interested in serving as a SCMA Doctor of the Day volunteer, click the 'email us' button below.


Every physician is encouraged to get involved. If you would like to volunteer as a Doctor of the Day for the upcoming Legislative Session please contact the South Carolina Medical Association.

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