Speakers' Letter - February 29, 2024

Speakers' Letter

February 29, 2024

Speakers’ Letter - February 2024
2024 SCMA Annual Meeting and House of Delegates
Hyatt Regency Greenville
April 25-28, 2024

SCMA Members:

This letter is intended to help in your preparations for the South Carolina Medical Association Annual Meeting in Greenville. I will continue offering updates throughout the year on key topics leading up to the Annual Meeting and House of Delegates. Information about the House of Delegates, CMEs, MSS/RFS Poster Competition, Inauguration and Gala and meeting attire and code of conduct can be found in the last Speakers’ Letter which can be found here: Speakers Letter

Registration for the 2024 Annual Meeting is open. You can register for the meeting and make hotel reservations on the SCMA Annual Meeting website.

The deadline to register is April 12 and the hotel reservation deadline is April 3. The full agenda schedule and CME agenda can also be found on the SCMA Annual Meeting website.

The SCMA is currently seeking nominations from various South Carolina county medical societies for three distinguished awards to be presented at the 2024 Annual Meeting.

The three awards we are currently seeking nominations for from your society include:

  • The Physician of the Year Award
    This award is presented to a physician who generates community spirit and vivaciousness appreciated by his/her neighbors, patients, and colleagues.

  • Service to the Community Award for a County Medical Society
    This award is given to a county medical society for its service to the community and efforts to promote health for South Carolinians through a society project, initiative or support.

  • Healthy Children in Our Communities Award
    This award is given to a county medical society who has promoted a healthy living project to promote youth ages 11 to 18 with a notable physician champion that has encouraged the value of healthy choices.

Please note that the deadline for nominations for all awards is March 11, 2024. Email Rebecca Brannon rbrannon@scmedical.org for the nomination form.

Delegates and Alternate Delegates
If you desire to serve as a delegate for your district, we ask that you reach out to your Trustee or County Medical Society. Delegates must be active SCMA members, and you are also encouraged to be active members of your local society, if available.  If you do not know who represents your region, please reach out to Rebecca Brannon (rbrannon@scmedical.org).

Any member of the SCMA may submit a resolution for consideration. All resolutions must be submitted to the SCMA Board of Trustees by March 18, 2024. To submit your resolution to the Board of Trustees, please email the resolution in a Word document to Rebecca Brannon.

Reference Committee Volunteers
If you would like to serve on a reference committee, please reach out to Rebecca Brannon (rbrannon@scmedical.org).  We are always seeking ways for attendees to serve in active roles with the SCMA and the House of Delegates.

We look forward to an exciting year and continued involvement in the policy making process for the SCMA.  Please continue to follow the SCMA Physician Alerts and SCMedNews, as well as our website at scmedical.org for updated information.

Yours in service,

Jeff Cashman, DO, Speaker
Stefanie M. Putnam, MD, Vice-Speaker