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The SCMA strives to provide a unified voice for physicians at the South Carolina State House which is achieved through political advocacy combined with grassroots efforts. Between efforts from our legislative team and physician advocates to fight for important medical matters, and the grassroots efforts of our political action committee, SCMEPAC, the South Carolina Medical Association is seen as a powerful body at the South Carolina Legislature.

Dr. March E. Seabrook, MD FAGG Member SCMA Since 1995

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Legislative Agenda

Scope of Practice Issues

The SCMA supports an approach to health care that encourages better teamwork, less fragmentation, and higher quality, all of which hinge on continuing the proven practice of physician-led delivery of care.


Access to health care is critical to patients and their providers. Insurance companies should compensate physicians for their time spent treating patients and consulting colleagues via telemedicine.

Medical Marijuana

The SCMA supports clinical trials and research for potential cannabinoid oil use in treatment of specific diseases but does not support legislation for prescription medical marijuana.

False Claims Act

The False Claims Act imposes liability on persons and companies who defraud governmental programs and the SCMA has consistently fought against false claims legislation.

Insurance Reform

Insurance companies use their size and influence to insert themselves into the practice of medicine. Patients should be able to be confident that their physician’s recommended course of treatment is based on sound medical judgment.

Uninsured in S.C.

The SCMA is actively working to collaborate with other interested parties to seek solutions for coverage of the uninsured in South Carolina.

Get Involved

"Doctor of The Day" Program

During the South Carolina Legislative Session, South Carolina physicians have the opportunity to get involved by serving as the State House doctor of the day through the Doctor of the Day program established by the SCMA.

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SCMedPAC is the Political Action Committee of the SCMA, and is the single largest political voice representing South Carolina physicians and the patients they serve.

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The SCMA Interspeciality Council is made up of representatives from each specialty who meets throughout the session to discuss legislation that directly impacts medical specialties.