How the Alliance Supports SCMA Legislation


The SCMAA understands the unique challenges that accompany life in a medical family. Alliance members from all over the state gather for meetings to build lifelong friendships and offer support. You make valuable connections with Alliance members of different ages, ethnicities, religions and opinions. 


The SCMAA enriches community health by focusing on relevant health education and awareness programs. We create long-lasting community change by providing financial support to county chapters to encourage local community health programs and fundraising events. Each year the SCMAA nurtures the future of medicine by providing medical scholarships to South Carolina students from across the state.


Whether you attend a conference, participate on a committee, or work together on a legislative issue, SCMAA membership provides a unique opportunity to interact with members from across the state. The SCMAA provides expert speakers, educational sessions, and workshops to improve your leadership skill set, benefiting not only you but your county alliance as well.


The SCMAA serves as the grassroots advocacy arm of the SCMA by energizing its members to impact elections and public policy. The Alliance works to build relationships with legislators to ensure they are current on issues affecting patients and physicians in their district. Each year the SCMA and Alliance gather at the Capitol in Columbia, in correlation with National Physicians’ Day at the end of March, for “White Coat Day.” Since its launch, this event has empowered thousands of physicians, medical spouses, and medical students to advocate for the future of medicine. As an Alliance member, you can be a part of this influence.