The South Carolina Medical Association Alliance (SCMAA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of physician spouses who educate, advocate and provide charitable support for the family of medicine.


Through a partnership with the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA), the Alliance works to improve the health and quality of life for citizens of South Carolina by:

  • supporting the family of medicine;
  • promoting health education and encouraging participation in health-related projects and charitable endeavors;
  • promoting legislative awareness and advocacy;
  • encouraging, supporting, and providing resources to the county alliances; and
  • communicating the mission and goals of the SCMAA to the membership and the public at large.

History of the SCMA Alliance

In May of 1922, twenty-six doctors’ wives from eleven states met in St. Louis. They recognized that a national organization was needed to “extend the aims of the medical profession through the wives of doctors to the various women’s organizations which look to the advancement in health and education, to assist in entertainment at all medical conventions, and to promote acquaintanceship among doctors’ families so that close fellowship may exist.”

​This organization became the American Medical Association Alliance, which is now the largest volunteer arm of the American Medical Association (AMA). Comprised of physicians’ spouses, the Alliance is dedicated to promoting better health, ensuring sound health legislation, and raising funds for medical education. Since 1922, the Alliance has worked diligently to further the aims of the American Medical Association through community programs, projects, and services. Our South Carolina chapter was founded in 1923.

Yesterday, the AMA Alliance was a small group of dedicated women. Today, we have grown into a nationwide volunteer organization. We are now a diverse group of physician spouses who have the common goal of improving the health and medical care of all. We are dedicated to the advancement of medicine and to the promotion of public health through financial and volunteer support of community health projects and health education. 

The SCMAA welcomes eligible South Carolina physicians and physicians’ spouses to join our organization. This includes any physician or physician-in-training who is eligible for membership in the SCMA, their spouse or divorced spouse, or their widow or widower (provided that the person has not remarried outside of the medical profession).

2022-23 Officers

Meredith Tuten Photo

Meredith Tuten


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Kirk Kilgore


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Donna Frazier

Vice President

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Jennifer Britanisky


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Sue Jona