January 15, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

The SCMA has continued to push for vaccination access to physicians and in physician offices.  Make no mistake - physicians want to be vaccinated and want to vaccinate their patients.  The narrative that the front line is not signing up for vaccination is simply not true when it comes to physicians. Physicians were not provided the opportunity to receive the vaccine initially unless they were affiliated with a hospital. Now, sending 70+ patients to websites and long phone ques, and then to a hospital for a vaccination, misses the available network of physicians across South Carolina with patient relationships. The SCMA is continuing to speak on behalf of physicians to improve the vaccine role out, meeting with the Governor and SC DHEC on these issues. Please see our latest correspondence regarding these issues. If you have missed where to sign up to get a vaccine as a Phase 1a worker, click here for the locations