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Welcome to SCMA's Legal Resource Center, your resource for legal and practice management information! This resource center provides a list of frequently asked questions and brief answers for our members. We encourage you to browse these topics for answers to your most common legal questions and we hope they will guide you in your daily practice.

Medical Records

Physicians have lots of questions about medical records. What do you do with old medical records? Can you destroy old ones? Are you obligated to make photocopies when requested? How long do you have to keep medical records?

Minor Law

Minors are patients below the age of 18. Here you can find questions and answers regarding the care of minors in your office, including suspecting abuse/neglect, whether or not parental consent is needed, and more.


As a physician, we hope you never face a malpractice suit. However, if you suspect a patient may be filing a suit against you or if a suit has already been placed, we have identified several resources to guide you through the process.


Collections, payment and billing is a large part of running your practice. At times, you may face situations where a patient does not pay, you need to refund a patient, or you need to report unclaimed property.

Defining New and Established Patients

The AMA has set forth several guidelines for defining new and established patients. Knowing the difference can be particularly important as you care for and treat patients in South Carolina.

Nurse Practitioners

Several physicians work with and employ nurse practitioners as a part of their daily practice. Through the Nurse Practice Act, there are several guidelines and supervisory roles that need to be followed when working with or employing a nurse practitioner.


A subpoena is an order issued by the court requiring a person to appear at a certain place, date, and time to testify as a witness and/or to provide certain documents and records described in the subpoena.

Closing or Selling a Medical Practice

There are a number of issues involved in selling or closing a medical practice. The SCMA has put together a guidebook to guide you through the process and answer all of your related questions.

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