Technology is changing daily and new communication tools are constantly affecting the way you communicate with your colleagues. To help our members keep up and stay on top of these times of change, we are excited to announce our new partnership with DocBookMD, a FREE new tool exclusive to SCMA members.



What is DocBookMD?

DocBookMD is a smartphone platform designed by physicians for physicians, and provides an exclusive, HIPAA-compliant professional network for on-the-go physicians to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with their colleagues. DocBookMD has proven to save time, improve collaboration among physicians, and most importantly, improve patient care.


DocBookMD Features

  • On Demand Messaging: Communicate with your colleagues via HIPAA-compliant messages instantly. You can improve communication efficiency by prioritizing outgoing messages.
  • Multi-media Collaboration: Exchange critical information such as pictures of X-rays or wounds via HIPAA-compliant messaging to enhance collaboration.
  • Fast Look-Up: Locate a physician fast - by last or first name or by specialty and contact him/her via multiple means including messaging, office or cell phone.
  • Pharmacy Search: Find and map a local pharmacy with updated contact details near you or near your patient.
  • Personalization: Customize your personal info and create a list of your favorite physicians.