Friday, July 15, 2016

Study Finds Patient-Physician Relationship is Healthier than Ever

The Physicians Foundation recently released the results of a nationwide survey addressing several health care issues including: the doctor-patient relationship, the health care landscape, current and future healthcare services, ACA, and much more. The survey results have been catching national attention and were recently featured in the New York Times.

NY Times highlighted the most significant finding in the survey-- "90% of  1,500 patient respondents reported that they were satisfied with their relationship with their primary care doctor. They felt that their doctors were respectful of them, listened well, explained well, and had a good understanding of their medical history."

SCMA Chief Executive Officer Todd Atwater who serves on the Physicians Foundation Board is enthusiastic with the positive results released from the survey and the national attention being gained for such an important subject. "The SCMA Board of Trustees spends a great deal of time discussing the bureaucracy of medicine and the many implementations that have changed the practice of medicine as we know it," said Atwater. As the chief executive officer for the state medical association, it is both encouraging and rewarding to know that despite the changes physicians face, that at the heart of it, the physician-patient relationship remains healthier than ever. Physicians love what they do and their patients have testified to that"

Download the survey results by clicking here. Read the NY Times article by clicking here.