Thursday, January 28, 2016

State House News: January 28

The 2016 Legislative Session officially kicked off January 12. As usual, the first few weeks of the session have been busy as everyone returns to Columbia. This past week was unusually busy in regards to health care legislation as there were two hearings held on non-physician independent practice issues. On Tuesday morning, there was a Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee hearing on Senate bill S.246 regarding APRN independent practice. On Tuesday afternoon, there was also a House 3M Subcommittee hearing on H.3078, which also regarded APRN independent practice. The Senate Subcommittee did not take any votes, just testimony, and intend to take more testimony in the future. The SCMA had physician representatives testify during this hearing against APRN independent practice. In the House hearing later that afternoon, the SCMA again had physician representatives testify against APRN independent practice.  An amendment was recommended to the bill by Rep. Ridgeway, who is a physician and also a member on the full House 3M committee, but not this subcommittee. The amendment was adopted unanimously by the subcommittee. The subcommittee voted on the bill as amended and voted it out to the full House 3M Committee. At this point, we do not know when the full House 3M Committee will meet regarding this amended bill. Next week, be on the lookout for the SCMA Board of Trustees News with more details regarding the amendment.