Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SCMA Physician Awarded CME Educator of the Year

src=/uploads/images/SA4.jpgYesterday evening, SCMA President Dr. Bruce Snyder presented the 2013 SCMA Continuing Medical Education Educator of the Year Award to recipient, Dr. Stoney A. Abercrombie, for his outstanding contributions to the field of medical education in South Carolina.

“Dr. Abercrombie embodies everything we hope to see in all physicians as they continue their journey in educating physicians and future physicians,” said Dr. Snyder yesterday evening.  “His continued interests to care for patients from all walks of life, as well as to educate medical students and physicians, have been the hallmarks of his 30+ years of medical practice.”

In addition to being passionate on educating those around him on the “body/soul” connection, Dr. Abercrombie has been instrumental in the organization of an educational tract at Seneca Lakes Rural Residency; leading the efforts to develop a Sports Medicine Fellowship with an excellent reputation and an affiliation with Clemson University, Anderson University, and Blue Ridge Orthopedics; the recruitment of an exceptional faculty with wide expertise that has expanded the patient care experience for residents; among much more.

When Dr. Abercrombie is not busy educating physicians across the state of South Carolina, you can find him at AnMed Health where he practices as a family physician. That’s not all. Dr. Abercrombie is also a traveling missionary physician and the co-founder of Volunteers in Medical Missions.

The award was presented yesterday evening in Anderson. Along with Dr. Snyder, Dr. Susan Boyer, President of the Anderson County Medical Society, Mr. John Miller, CEO of AnMed Health, and Dr. Mike Tillirson, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs at AnMed Health, were all present to support and congratulate Dr. Abercrombie on this accomplishment.

The award, which is given annually, recognizes a physician, or group of physicians, who contribute(s) to the education of physicians in South Carolina.  The recipient exemplifies the highest level of dedication to this endeavor, for all levels in medicine – medical students, residents, and physicians. A few past recipients have included Drs. Jennifer Root, Gary Goforth, Charles Bryan, and Sami Elhassani.

On behalf of the South Carolina Medical Association, congratulations Dr. Abercrombie!