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The mission of The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association is to advance the art and science of medicine; to promote the goals of the South Carolina Medical Association; to encourage scholarship and good will among South Carolina physicians; and to disseminate information specifically applicable to the health care of South Carolinians.

The Journal is published by the South Carolina Medical Association. Content includes scientific articles, special articles, case reports as well as medical news.

We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by The Journal. For physicians and other authors, we invite you to author an article, or even be the guest editor for a special symposium issue. For companies, advertising and advertorials can help bring the attention you need to your brand.



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Palmetto Physician

The Palmetto Physician is one of the SCMA’s newest publications. Every day, we meet physicians, health care leaders, practices, and more…all who share unique perspectives about the practice of medicine. The goal of The Palmetto Physician is to highlight the great strides being made by these physician leaders and other key players in the health care arena, and to keep you informed about the latest trends in medicine.

Do you have an interesting story that you want to share with South Carolina physicians? Are you a physician who has a unique perspective on a health care issue? Did you win an award or another achievement? We want you to share your stories with us so we can highlight you in an upcoming issue of The Palmetto Physician.



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Each week, the South Carolina Medical Association sends out MEDweek, a weekly, electronic newsletter, to keep our members and other stakeholders updated about medical happenings, industry-relevant information in addition to news as it relates to the SCMA.

During the legislative session, MEDweek is also used as a tool to deliver the weekly State House updates to our members as well as Call to Actions on vital pieces of medically-related legislation.

If you have any news or events that you think would serve the interests of our subscribers, please send us your story ideas by emailing us at


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