Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Physician in the Spotlight: Joseph John, MD

Joseph John, MD
Editor in Chief, The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association

As a member, you receive a subscription to The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association as a member benefit which includes a new copy delivered to you every quarter throughout the year. The physician behind the scenes who makes each issue possible is none other than Editor in Chief Dr. Joseph John.

Dr. John began his role as Editor in Chief in 2015 and has brought his enthusiasm and passion to The Journal and he has helped publish several invigorating issues. A native from Charleston and an infectious disease physician, Dr. John brings a lot of expertise, ideas, and knowledge to our historical publication.

A few of Dr. John's ideas for The Journal have included inviting leadership to share news from our academic medical institutions, soliciting physicians to share experiences in medical humanities, providing an outlet for students and residents to be published, utilizing the publication to serve as an instrument to national, local, and global health, and most importantly, connecting South Carolina physicians to the extraordinary medicine in our state. These are just the highlights!

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