Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Physician in the Spotlight: Dr. Marshall Meadors

Dr. Marshall Meadors: Physician, Philanthropist, Health Champion

As the South Carolina Medical Association continues to promote community involvement and being The Voice of Healthcare it is important to spotlight physicians who are excelling in both their profession and in their community. Dr. Marshall Meadors, a family medicine physician from Anderson and a SCMA past president, is doing just that.

"I love what I do as a family physician.  My efforts in the community just seem like a natural extension of trying to enhance quality of life,” said Dr. Meadors. "The importance of community involvement was instilled in me growing up.  We moved around the state a good bit because of my father’s occupation.  I learned that no matter where you call home, it is important to get involved and use your influence in a positive way."

During Dr. Meadors’ SCMA presidential year (2015-2016) he was involved in several health care issues including Diabetes prevention, childhood obesity, end of life care issues, scope of practice issues, Alzheimer’s, and more. In fact, Dr. Meadors’ helped launch the inaugural year of the Presidents’ Fund in which he donated proceeds to the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Also, Dr. Meadors’ practice is currently participating as a pilot site in Physician Practice Innovations, an SCMA initiative possible through a grant awarded by The Physicians Foundation, to improve patient care through advance care planning. In addition to these initiatives, Dr. Meadors was also proactive in traveling the state to educate physicians, patients, and health care stakeholders on the importance of physician and community involvement.

In addition to being health champions, it is important for physicians to be leaders in their communities and to set examples for others. Like many physician leaders, Dr. Meadors understands the importance of being both a philanthropist and a community advocate outside of his health care environment.

A few of Dr. Meadors’ most notable and unique community achievements include:

- While on the Arts Center Board he co-chaired a committee over the course of about ten years which raised over 3 million dollars to purchase and renovate an old 30,000 square foot warehouse that now is the home of the Anderson Arts Center.  It opened a little over 10 years ago and serves as a cultural hub for the Anderson Community.

- Several people in Anderson desired to do something to commemorate the life of James "Radio" Kennedy, the beloved special needs man that has had such positive influence on the T. L. Hanna High School and Anderson communities over the years.  As a graduate of T. L. Hanna, Dr. Meadors had the great privilege of co-chairing the Radio Sculpture Committee.  Together, they raised $50,000 to commission a life size bronze sculpture of Radio that is located at the entrance to the Hanna football stadium. 

- In late 2008 Dr. Meadors became aware of an Early Childhood and Education Center in Anderson County that did not have a playground.  Money had simply run out.  He helped form a committee that raised $30,000 to build a playground that was dedicated in April 2010.

- Several years ago Dr. Meadors realized that his War War II patients were dying or developing cognitive impairment at an alarming rate which led him to contact a friend who is a writer.  Over the next year and a half the writer interviewed 20 Anderson County residents who were WWII veterans.  The book, A Necessary War, was published in 2013. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Anderson County Museum where the book can be purchased.

- And lastly, for the past 12 years Dr. Meadors has been involved with a group known as T.B.A. (to benefit Anderson).  This group raises money through a local foundation for specific projects in the downtown Anderson area.  Each project costs about $100,000.  Together the group is currently working on their 4th project, The Dog Park, in which Dr. Meadors is the chairman. Anderson's first Dog Park will open in the first quarter of 2017.

As we head into the New Year, we encourage all physicians to be leaders in their communities. As for Dr. Meadors, his New Year’s resolution is, “To go a bit out of my way at least once a day to pick up a piece of litter or trash and properly dispose of it.  Just think what a cleaner and healthier place our communities and state would be if everyone did this.  Please consider for 2017 and beyond."