Monday, January 9, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: VA Extends Open Comment Period for APRN Rule

A few weeks ago, the SCMA notified its members of the Veteran's Administration finalized rule regarding scope of practice for advanced practice nurses when caring for patients in VA care settings. The final rule was published and allows most APRNs to practice independently in VA care settings.

CRNAs were excluded in the final rule from independent practice at VA care settings. Because of this, several nursing organizations expressed displeasure with the rules process along with the ruling itself.

At the same time the final rule was published, the VA added another comment period ending on January 13 to the final rule specifically requesting more information regarding access to anesthesia services at VA facilities.  

The SCMA expressed our concerns to the VA during the original public comment period and we continue to believe that our Veterans deserve patient-centered physician- led care.

Of note, VA internal reviews have found no evidence of barriers to access to physician/anesthesiologist care. The SCMA has and will continue to advocate for physician-led care in all health care settings.

We encourage all physicians to comment by clicking here during the open comment period, which again, ends January 13. To reiterate, the dangers of non-physician supervised care for Veterans, and importantly all patients, are real and will continue to escalate if physicians do not intervene. Please provide comment as soon as possible.