Greenville County Medical Society

Physicians in our community that continue a tradition of care, compassion, commitment, and collaboration for the health care and wellness of all patients.

GCMS is the third tier of organized medicine that connects the physician to their patients and community. GCMS serves patients by providing information about local physicians and health care services.  The Society serves physicians and patients by advocating for the physician patient relationship.   GCMS members enable the Physician Referral Service to be available to the community at no cost and is utilized by individuals, hospitals and various health related entities.  The Society serves our physicians by recognizing and supporting the highest quality of medical care through advocacy, ethics, education, and engagement in our community.  Provides information and updates on local issues as well as information from the SCMA and AMA.

GCMS physicians are devoted to consistently delivering Care, Compassion, Commitment and Collaboration with respect to the healthcare of all patients.


The Greenville County Medical Society was chartered in 1891 and has been an active part of Greenville County’s healthcare community for more than 120 consecutive years. 

At the time of its charter, there were approximately 51 physicians registered with the County Clerk's Office.  Many of the  early hospitals were opened, owned and operated by physicians.  The number of physicians in Greenville was considerably changed after World War I and it might be said that the modern era of Greenville's medical community started about 1920 when the men of World War I came to settle in our city.

Through the years, the Society has served as a catalyst to many healthcare initiatives that improved healthcare in Greenville County because they addressed specific needs in the community. Some GCMS contributions have included home care for returning veterans of World War II; a hospital built for the care of eye, ear, nose and throat conditions; the creation of special programs and care for mentally challenged children; the revered contributions of William Thomas Brockman, MD to Greenville and the practice of medicine; developing blood banking; encouraging health education in the classroom through being instrumental in the initial funding for the Body In Motion Room of Roper Mountain Science Center; providing Medical School scholarships for Greenville County residents for over 45 years; the GCMS Physician Referral Service has been helping individuals locate physicians and health services for over 25 years; more recently, MedWell Access began in 2001 as a GCMS physician-driven program to address the national goal of “100% Access 0 Health Disparities.”  MedWell Access addressed the needs of the working poor, uninsured in Greenville County, then in June 2012, MedWell Access ended as SCHA AccessHealth Greenville County began to serve the county.

Now, GCMS continues to grow, serve, advocate and collaborate for the health and wellness of our community; and represent our physicians and the practice of medicine.

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